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jawaban buat pertanyaannya daru tentang nymph-o-maniac:

in Greek mythology, female nature and fertility spirits. The word ‘nymph’  means ‘young marriageable woman’ or ‘bride’. There were several kinds of spirits called nymphs: Naiads, nymphs of springs; Oreads, nymphs ofmountains; Dryads or Hamadryads, nymphs of trees; Nereids, nymphs of the sea; Oceanids, nymphs of the River Oceanus. Nymphs were worshiped at springs, groves, and caves. In mythology, the Naiads, Dryads, and Oreads attend Artemis and attract the amorous attentions of Zeus, other gods, and Satyrs.


One thought on “nymphs

  1. Lha.. nama saya kok disebut-sebut..
    Hmm.. Nymphs.. taunya cuma Hydra, kayaknya sodaraan ama nymph-nymph yang lain.. (Microsoft Age of Mythology ;p)

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