journal · music

playlist of the week

  1. no phone – cake (satu kata aja: cool!)
  2. i’m glad – j.lo (yah, kata2nya begitu menyentuh…ahay!)
  3. song for you – michael buble (hmmm…)
  4. post modern girl – the strokes and regina (intro-nya mantap)
  5. in the shadow – the rasmus (suka denger vokalnya. putus2 gituh. gemesss.. hehehehe)
  6. we belong together – mariah carey (singalongable. luv it!)
  7. drive – incubus (what can i say about this boyd guy?)
  8. love song – versi 311 (gitarnyah ituh lohh…)
  9. daughters – john mayer (suka aja)
  10. honeymoon – arrested development (do i need a reason?)
  11. lose my breath – my bloody valentine (strange…)

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