out of sort


I have a pack of 64 colors Crayola crayons with the built-in sharpener. Love it for the softness and strange assortment. I like the black and forest green the most. They run out faster than the others. When I feel blank, I draw rainbows. Crayola rainbows. I start with wild strawberry, followed by vivid tangerine, dandelion, asparagus, periwinkle (coated with aquamarine), tickle me pink (thistle or salmon are better, though) and mauvelous (or orchid for a deeper option) for the smaller curve. Voila!

There are more; midnight blue, bittersweet, melon, macaroni and cheese, spring green, raw sienna, burnt sienna, sepia, and apricot. I clutch on to the box, carry it everywhere to draw and color just about anything.

Today is a bit of the Crayola-rainbow day since I found conté a paris black pastel as an alternation so I draw more and more and more than coloring.


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