out of sort

free fall

“jump! just jump into the fire! otherwise you’ll never know how it feels to get burned!” yeah, don’t think. just jump. you’ll learn to survive once you feel the heat. that if you don’t die trying. okay, so if that’s what i’m supposed to do, i’ll jump.

is everything okay? i ask myself. everything is going on so well that i think i must be on my way to hell. straight, straight, smooth, smooth, then a crater. no…no…got to think good about the master plan. so here i am, wearing my best floral-printed dress and old sneakers, ready to jump. close my eyes for a while, picture the most beautiful sunset, the most beautiful boy i know, the best holiday at the beach. then i lean forward, kissing the gravitation. don’t need to jump if you can just voluntarily fall.


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