out of sort


Img_0451too much coffee. it starts eating me inside out, making me feel strange things that don’t even happen to me, and the poison is creeping under my skin to my brain and sending effects like going down a slope at high speed.

my mom shoves me articles about evil effects of coffee and gets me calcium tablets. too much coffee and i get agitated by my own mind. it screws my bodyclock. sleep at 4 am, wake up at 11 am. then have a cup of black coffee with lunch. have a mug of latte while watching tv. have another cup of black coffee before dinner. instant cappuccino after dinner. iced coffee between 10 pm to 4 am. say hello to my best friend, the great caffeine.

so here i am, with a book in my hand. "a guide to de-caf your life". the last page tells i will forget coffee and live happily ever after with glasses of juice and be friends with fresh fruits. already i suspect this book to look forever new. well at least i bought the book. good will counts.


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