out of sort


went to previously my workplace for an open house and i missed the good old days. being in the same room with the kids, watching ‘monsters, inc.’, drawing imaginary purple sky with two moons, and trying out hand puppets really choked me. i missed them. and i still am by the time i’m writing this.. *sigh*Picture006

then went seeing my friend ginna to watch oliver twist (originally wanted to watch ‘berbagi suami’ but we both forgot ciwalk don’t show indonesian films). waiting for the movie, we had coffee and talked about marriage and relationships. what’s with the topic? ;p "what’s the essence of being together for so long just to end up with a statement saying; ‘i think we’re better off without each other’?" the essence is -definitely- the relationship. no matter where it ends up. she also supplied me and info about glucose. never drink sweet liquid after eating rice. and we agreed that the boy who casts oliver twist is adorable.

i hate parking lots at malls. they’re always jam-packed. and this afternoon i couldn’t get my scooter out that i had a man dragged it in a circle so i could go. last time i tried the move, i scratched an expensive-looking kawasaki parked next to my fat scooter. i just ran off.

it was dark already and i forgot to turn my headlight. i realized it when i was already halfway home when a car blared its horn behind me and gave me long headlight. it was not the first time i forgot such crucial thing.

got home, cleaned myself, made a cup of coffee, then watched this documentary feature about suicide. amazed at how some people even bother to cover their bathroom’s walls with plastic before blowing their heads off. some are very particular, too. some want it painless. some want to be watched. some killed their beloved ones first.

out of all movies i could’ve watched this evening, why did i choose to watch suicidal people? because i wanted to.

now i’m sipping on a mug of vanilla tea while writing this. it will be sunday soon and i have loads of plans in my head but somehow things i plan don’t get usually performed in the end. so i’m better off with no plans. of course.

http://sepatubutut.cjb.net for pleasure.


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