out of sort

romancing the sunday


lazy sunday. stayed home the whole day, watched love movies. one of them was ‘love actually’. had it once at the cinema then bought the pirated one yesterday. though it doesn’t give off warm feeling like amelie or me and you and everyone we know, the compiled stories come handy to make people choose which one to feel for. as for me, jamie and aurelia are the choice. i like it when they speak in their own language but somehow chained without them realizing it. wish aurelia never learned english and jamie never learned portuguese so they would stay just emotionally connected instead of verbally too. but of course love needs an effort to work out. it can’t be preserved in imagination and fiction, though they offer endless happiness.

if there’s ever a movie i don’t want to watch two times, it’s got to be unfaithful. it makes me angry in a way. explode and let the debris fly in every possible direction. as if i want everyone to know what i feel about the movie, about the thing told in the movie. it doesn’t hurt. it disgusts me. what hurts is if the person you’re in love with falls out of love with you because his heart feels more comfort somewhere else. not because he isn’t strong enough to resist temptation to get physically involved with another person. i rate the movie five stars.

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