about fauzi

i love free magazines. for the reason that they are free. some are so good, some are terrible. whatever, i cut them. this afternoon, on djakarta!, i found a whole-page-sized fauzi baadila picture. it kills me. with his shaved head, tiny figure, and a pair of wings behind him. he knocks me out. so, without a doubt, i took the magazine home, ripped the page and posted it on the wall above my monitor. like he’s a god or something to look up to. man. i’ve looked up to his picture for a zillion times now.

why fauzi baadila? why not? he’s all that. all that i’m into in a man. plus, he’s a good actor who clenches his jaws when furious. that’s a magnet. does he sell? i mean, he’s the only thing in the ‘9 naga’ film poster. while he isn’t the big story in the film itself. just a lenny guy who knocks me out. he sells that way to me.

i don’t imagine being with him in a bed. nothing like that. i imagine him in an army green plain shirt, a pair of stonewashed jeans, old sneakers, and a cap with sweat lines on it, having conversation with me about anything and everything at all in a lounge with perfect lighting and letting me capture every movement he makes. that’d definitely kill me.

he’s just beautiful.


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