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good shit jobs and a girl i fell in love with

according to tyler durden, shit job is joining rolls of films for the movie theatres or waiting tables for rich people. then, this afternoon my friend and i got stopped by a policeman for cutting intersections. another officer was giving a ticket in the post, and the girl who got the ticket went ballistic. she yelled at the officer who was waving the ticket in her face. she gave him fifty, but he returned the bill. she swore like hell and i was like ‘wow, he’s having the best day of his life.’ and i was kind of sure the officer was so close to think he’s doing a shit job. quite an entertainment.

but last friday i went with my friend to get a gift and had a chance to see the girl behind the counter did the giftwrapping for free. she knocked me out, seriously. she was kind of petite and had her hair framing her face perfectly. but what killed me was when she started to do the wrapping while singing along to the pussycatdolls’ song (don’t know the title). she enjoyed doing it, i could tell. she made me feel like it was the best job in the world. some people could think it’s a shit job, but i swear she made me want to do the job without getting paid. standing behind that counter, singing while wrapping, bobbing head side to side when a beat fills the air, smiling to customers handing georgeously wrapped gifts, and saying "yeah, that doll monkey has a sensor."

no job is a shit job when it’s enjoyed. it’s just about choices of views.
and, say it, i’m a boy trapped in a girl’s body.

by the way, if you care, sepatubutut is shut down.


2 thoughts on “good shit jobs and a girl i fell in love with

  1. haha!!! hear! hear! i love my job because the ppl i work with are the best (frap, and pixie) but when our boss resigned, i was so sad… but now, i just think of it as a phase for me to appreciate the good things about my life. -deejay-

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