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all your own

There are so many distinctive things around me that I’m crazy about. Let’s start with Astrud Gilberto’s voice. She’s got this voice I’d like to juxtaposed with Barry White’s, but that’d be insane. I think if they did a duet, I’d be the first listener to cry the eyeballs out and faint. I suddenly miss Ally McBeal…
Then, there’s his hair he dyes almost every week. Blue then purple then orange then red and now it’s black. He could be a rock star, looking like that. Even when he doesn’t do his hair, it seems like posed. Weird.
One of my kids, Fang, is one of a kind. She’s, like, the naughtiest girl I’ve ever known and adorable all at once. I always think she’ll join Jackass one day and be a star. She likes to squeeze her friends’ thin plastic bottles while they drink, chew balloon (not bubblegum, but BALLOON for real), cut her own hair when some scissors are left unattended (and now she has this zigzagged hair-end), and draw on her skin. She’s very smart and artistic, too. I’ll be the first to have her autograph. Yay!
A turtle in my dad’s pond we found in a ditch years ago. It’s so dirty and mossy, and a kickass turtle, too (compared to the other three aristocratic turtles who spend their days sunbathing and chewing). It likes to wander around the house and climbs on to just about everything. One morning it’s under the fridge then the other day it freaks my mom smirking under her bed. Love that bad boy (though I’m not sure what its sex is).

After my last posting, where I said I was a boy trapped in a girl’s body, some of my friends asked me if I’d turned into a gay and gone out. I laughed my head off. I said they could believe what their minds wanted them to believe. What I know is I AM in love by the time I post this – BUT not with a girl 😉

Have a good life.


4 thoughts on “all your own

  1. anis … perfecto auch supper !!! englisch na mah mani excellent pisan. i need ur help probably to desice what i have to do with my future he he .. a;ways nya nis. gimana carana nis bisa sampe kayak anis bahssa inggrisnya mani sae pisan … pls let me know atuh. anis disini mani beda pisan. ini oge mani hese pisan semuanya.

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