three worlds in a day

what would you do if you could hop into 3 different worlds in a day? what worlds would you choose? as for me, i’d like to go to the abyss (with me in a glass box), to a paralel world (where i could see another me waiting tables in a diner), and my ordinary world. but, since i had no choice, the 3 worlds i visited were not that extreme but -definitely- big fun!

Vaca1first, we went to ice world. neighboring dufan and seaworld. i was expecting for snow, but none was falling *sob*. the kids ran around the hall filled with giant ice blocks and got their noses red and their lips numb. being a smart ass, i didn’t wear socks and gloves. the genius result was: i couldn’t feel my hands and feet after half an hour there. once when i was passing the ice tunnel, thinking to lick it and get my tongue stuck on the tunnel. wahahaha… the thought made me miss him, though *sob*. the kids and my friends were still running and screaming and sliding when i stepped out of the hall and got burned. the temperature shock was not healthy at all. it can kill someone, i’m sure. they should make a room where people can get their body heat regained slowly instead of attacked like that.

next to the hall were lockers i fell in love with.Vaca2

then we marched down to the seaworld. the smell of the sea killed me when i was on the way to the exhibition hall. i love the smell of sea. smells like teen spirit… err… i meant, like holiday. vacation. it gets me high.

in a way, seaworld’s exhibition hall reminds me of rave parties (though i haven’t visited any -_-‘). the green lights, the ultraviolet, shadows, comfortable darkness… the atmosphere knocks out. we had chances to see the fish got fed at 2 PM in the giant tank, then watched the mermaid drinking milk at 2.30 PM, and the last show was sharks Vaca3 feeding at 3 PM. i was so upset because my camera’s batteries were empty right before the shark feeding show started and i didn’t have time to run and buy some because it meant i’d miss the show. uuurrrgggghhh..

now the jingle keeps looping in my head… "seaworld indonesia…bertemu ikan pari…" something like that..

now i’m yawning in front of my pc and coffee isn’t helping. time for bed. i have to meet Fang tomorrow and let her beat the heaven out of me. hehehehe…

NOTE : wish i could post the whole pictures tonight. but too sleepy… guess i’ll do it tomorrow. anyone interested to see them?


2 thoughts on “three worlds in a day

  1. hey! so you had a semi-fun day (minus the freezing…) id luv to see the pictures you took there! and i would luv to join you on your quest to visit 3 worlds well, hopefully in 3 days… take me with you ok??? – til your next adventure…! -deejay-

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