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spending night in a soul asylum

looping songs, chaotic days, anarchy in my head. everything and everybody else move in slow motion while i run like a loose jetcoaster. i even forget to be hysterical. where the hell is the brake handle?! everytime i get closer to the control station i reach out helplessly to turn the machine off. but no way. i need someone else to do that but i’m just a stuck-up bitch who’s lost everyone but herself. so i’ll be damned.

then a fed up voice in me screams, "fckn stoooooopppppp!!!" with that a play button is pressed.

so La Valse D’Amelie plays softly in my ear. then i float, then i fly, then i leave the jetcoaster way down below. nothing else matters. the good feeling intoxicates me, lends me bicycle and wind, lets me visit the Cayman Islands. it’s just another room in my head, i know. my arms spread and wind runs through my fingers, holds my battered body up. i’m in love with the feeling.

all blends and wraps me into a cocoon. tomorrow i’ll be reborn and sane. don’t wait.

————– tear the cocoon here ————–


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