drilling skull

2844372542Brain is grand. It can make things happen, just like a fairy-godmother’s magic wand. Well, not really. I mean, not like make things happen instantly, but hypothetically.
Brain is grand. If one chooses to believe in something, then one will do. If one chooses to believe one’s not capable of doing a thing, then one’s not capable of doing a thing. It’s as simple as that. Believe, believe, believe, and your brain will make it happen. That’s why you should be careful with what you wish for. Or maybe the suitable term is called suggestion? Yeah. I like mind games. It’s amazing that some people can manipulate you through your brain and make you see things in contrary, turn you inside out. Some dentists use hypnosis to replace anaesthetic just by chanting, “You feel nothing in your mouth. No pain, no taste, nothing…”
That’s why I like Romi Rafael and his shows. Even my cousin can do the crappy version to his friend. Like when his friend buys a cone of ice cream with twirled chocolate topping, he would say “Are you thinking of what I’m thinking about the topping’s look?” showing a crap in some manga. Next, his friend passes the untouched ice cream to his girlfriend. So cheap, I know. Lol.
But still, no matter how dexterous a manipulator is, he can’t control a man’s mind permanently. Brain is grand because it can’t be manually made. Anything can’t be manually made is beyond human’s strength. The web of mind is crazy. It’s like a private gigantic labyrinth. It’s all yours but loses you sometimes. Now it depends on you to choose; fun or stressful?


One thought on “drilling skull

  1. this just came out..
    result from stupid test ..

    “there is nothing left on your right brain and nothing’s right on your left brain.. please report to nearest vet for immediate assistance”

    just joking 🙂

    i’ve always fascinate with brain the way it translated everthing you know and you don’t know ..and it’s nice to have one in the head 🙂

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