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Rainbow Temptation exists when you riskily seek for it. Almost like ghost. Not sure if it comes risky or daft. But hey, humans tend to be up for adrenaline rush, and some pain would say, “When the line is flat, you’re dead.” And so, off people are to ride rollercoaster.

I’m not sure if this is temptation. Can it disguise itself under the hood of affection? Like the most lethal poison, it resembles the taste of whatever the victim favors to take. Deadly tricky. But today I don’t want to be suspicious. Just let it happen. I won’t question why I’m happy or laugh more than usual or choose colors instead of black. “Are you some kind of drug that turns the users into melancholic dependents?” I ask while we stand by the River Clyde savoring rainbow. It smirks showing its funny teeth. Yeah it is a poison of euphoria.

Do temptations support mainstreams? Mine does though most of the time it cares not and tries to drag me to the extreme. But it builds me a playground in my head, covers my heart in comforter each night, and uplifts me when I need to finish all the undone. It’s there 24/7, with me wherever I go. It’s in my blood unconditionally.

Just like ghost and drug effect, it’s in another dimension but close, not in the hand but felt.
This feeling can never be excessive.

"…sekeping damai surga jadi milikku selamanya dengan mencintaimu." -ridasitadewi


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  1. Oh, what would life be without temptation? a flat roller coaster… ocean without waves… tepid coffee.

    Question is, would we always choose to play safe? or be brave enough to close our eyes and leap, trusting that our wings will fan out that very instant before we hit dirt.

    Hey, don’t get me wrong, i’d rather go screaming through adrenaline rush, but having fallen flat on my face, i’ve realised: dirt is not delicious.

    Maybe tepid coffee sometimes can be good..

    yeah.. tepid coffee it is for now..

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