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what do WE want?

1014552148Things get clearly registered in my head lately. I want to leave the aches alone. I’m not in the mood to argue. So if you’re being doubtful and wanting to pick up a fight, just pass me a note. I’ll save it for a rainy day. Now, I just want to love you.

Sure we get insecure and threatened sometimes. Where then they escalate into flame of anger. Yeah. But love has conquered me and I’m too weak to even care of hatred anymore. I’m counting days, my love, to the day where the beginning of our haven happens. If you want to drop the bomb, just do. But this bliss will paralyze it. Sure we get hurt and it chips our hearts now and then. But we’ve learned that in the end we’d just surrender again and again to each other’s loving arms.

I just want to…

Close your eyes and paint you a picture in your mind. See us standing in the balcony of our dreams, where the views of sunset and sunrise are so perfectly framed. The room behind us is illuminated by the warm yellowish lights that come alive from the floor. It’s the space where the sea breeze nestles in our skins in the morning and blueberry scent stains the curtains at night. Songs from our book of memory entwine with our bodies and play us like violin.

We’re in this together, my love. So I know you can feel it as much as I do.

If you want to.


One thought on “what do WE want?

  1. *sigh*
    i so want to be this hopelessly in love like you.. but i think i’ve forgotten how. someone has been making this nasty habit of tearing my heart to pieces *sniff*

    i miss you girl.. how are the preparations coming along? i sure hope that the next time we chat, i’d be as lovestruck as you 🙂 really loking forward to that..

    but for now, to hibernation i go…

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