out of sort

imagining homesickness

in two months i’ll be leaving everything. my home, my family, the city i’ve been living in since i was born, the coffeeshops where my friends and i spent hours talking in, the heavenly bookshops where i escaped hectic days in, batagor, keripik lada… i fear homesickness. i fear choking in tears when my mom calls just to see how i’m doing. i fear leaving my whole homy heart in Bandung. sucha baby.

but i know i will fall into a new part of loving arms. love is like oil that greases things and make them go more smoothly. well at least that’s what i expect from my ability to adapt. i seriously suck at it. i can see myself trip and fall, drop things, laugh desperately… awkward girl that keeps fixing the position of her glasses. yeah i know i’ll be just fine. my bandit keeps telling me that. besides, what could be more excellent than staying close to one of the people i love the most? no more hundreds of text-messages in a day, no more long distance phone calls, no more rushing to catch evening trains… this is one of the cases to learn about ‘lose some, gain some’.

in all seriousness, though. i know i am blessed with this chance.


3 thoughts on “imagining homesickness

  1. rasanya kurang lebih seperti makan batagor…kenyal, mental-mental di langit-langit mulut, lengket-lengket di gigi, kadang bikin lidah kegigit…tapi tetep aja ga kan dimuntahin lagi ;-))

    juga ga jauh beda dengan keripik lada… pedes memang, tapi pasti pengen dan pengen lagi 😀

    alles gute!

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