out of sort

five months


suredun. Setelah sekian lama tidak menengok friendster. So good to know I’m
alive still. Thank you guys for swinging by now and then. Luv ya all! 🙂


been happening in my world? Much! (And it’s a luxury to say that, in my case. Seriously.)
Married, 5-month-pregnant, doing a new job, living in a new place with people
speaking some other language, struggling to manage time with as little dose of
caffeine as possible (hooray…), compressing homesickness every passing day, hugging
Mozart before bed and letting go of Ramones, reading “Baby Guide” and “Diary of
a mad mom-to-be”, saying hi to wild hormones and all… hmm yeah…



good to feel healthy again after 3 months of throwing up and intense exhaustion
(but still can’t stand the smell of Juniper Wind body mist I used to wear
before I was expecting). Now I can get home from work with enough energy to
read or write and taking more time to bathe. My baby starts kicking and moving
about, reacting to sounds and touches. Next month my hubby and I will find out
whether our baby is a girl or a boy (though at first I thought it would be exciting
to just wonder until the baby was born.) I don’t mind much of the gender, just
want our baby to be born healthy.


had a cup of mild cappuccino last night after months of not consuming it, and had
orgasm (in a different way, certainly. lol.) Wish I could find another route to
go home so I could avoid The Coffee Bean…



you’re 5-month-pregnant, you would crave less meal but want more sugar; like
double-choc donuts, cakes, hot chocolate, bakpia, chocolate fudge, ice cream…
of course your baby don’t need them. It’s just you. Before that, you would want
salt and hot-soupy stuff and feel hungry all the time.


baby just kicked. Time to grab some meal. Will be back soon *grin*


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