a broken-hearted day

everyone seemed to be in their lowest points today (according to their oh-so-important facebook status). some got their hearts broken. some cried their hearts out. some decided to go to bed early because their heartache got them the unbearable headache.
it rained a bit. but what could that mean anyway?

when one tends to cling on too tight on things one loves too much… well, it will hurt just as much to let them go. imagine holding a rope too tight and it gets pulled in a full-force from the other end? ouch. yeah.
i’ve learned too many times about this shite that i’ve stopped clinging on to just about anything. well, except for my daughter ๐Ÿ™‚ – will fight to death for her.

anyway… the point is… i’ve reached -35. mwahahahaha…
permainan yang brutal.


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