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Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist

it’s been a while since i found another movie that i knew i’d watch over and over again. i found Penelope, but it didn’t come across my mind to be watched twice in a short period of time. then, i met Nick and Norah.


i like Michael Cera since Juno. caught up with him earlier on Superbad, but he didn’t kick that much. only until he becomes Paulie Bleeker that he makes me go “awwwwhhh…” oh well, anyway, he plays well as Nicky too. so good that once again he melts me *glazy eyed* then it’s just like an auto-search that everytime i go to get some DVD’s i look for movies with him in them. the same thing i unconsciously did with Audrey Tatou (this far i’ve collected five of her movies and lost one. well not really lost it. i lent it to someone and it never returned. dang it.)

so, this Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist is good for them who are into good songs, good quotes, quick plot, hysterical casts… they’re all packed in it. pretty entertainingly funny too! there’s also Kat Dennings in it as Norah. i guess you must’ve watched it, since it was released in october 2008 originally.

i always fall for unusual hook-ups. just like the romance in Amelie, Me and You and Everyone We Know, Juno, and now Nick & Norah’s. the kind of connection that grows slowly into the core… the kind of fall that isn’t hard but deep and sends the warmth allover your body… *by now i’d be lying and staring at my ceiling. mwahahaa…* and it also shows you what true friends mean. oh it sends me tingles.

if you haven’t watched it. go and give it a try. it’s good to soothe your heart and release tensions 🙂

PS: because of it, i learned to use Torrent. hahaha. yep, so i could download the soundtracks. BitTorrent 6.2 is way nicer that LimeWire. waaaay nicer.


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