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heart is such a strange instrument

among all the hypocrites who keep telling people not to immerse themselves in the memory of the past, i’m probably the worst (or the best? at being a hypocrite, that is.)

world has become such a small place when the darn internet was found. not only world, but the great (imaginary) time has lost its grip on the fact that it used to be untravelled too (in the most fantastic way, you know.) now everybody can go back and forth in time (not like it’s real, though.) have you watched Goodbye Lenin? well it’s what i’m talking about right now. you can go back to the 80’s, 90’s… even the legendary 70’s and think you know better and could be just as cool.

bla bla bla….

i’m just annoyed -at this point- that the people from the past, that i’m supposed to lose contact with, are actually still there. right friggin’ there. with their updated news and newest pictures… and they still look good. and for a while my mind gets sucked into the times when we were there. the songs, the scents, the colors, the feelings, the reasons… and they drop me a stupid smile across my face.


of course i could just delete them from my list (oh yeah you can just delete the unwanteds from your “life” today. fancy, isn’t it?) but my heart keeps stopping me from doing it. it’s just as hard as putting down a good book before you finish reading it. only this time the curiosity will kill you like what it does to the cats.

i’m not waiting for anything. at all. from any of them. i have the best already. guess i’m just curious and liking it when my heart goes soft to know that they’re having what they deserve to have.


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