a little trip to bandung and back

the flight was bumpy. the wind and the clouds. Esha felt weird in the ears and it was for the very first time after so many flights she had. we headed for jakarta and got no snack onboard. no single-servings whatsoever. but i liked the crew’s uniform; it made them look like they were going on a vacation themselves instead of attending a flight. we took off at 10.20 and landed at 11.30.

we got a good way out and luckily didn’t get any troubles with the baggage despite of the heavy mass sealed together with us in the same plane. we had a good lunch then headed for bandung at 13.30 with a rented car. i found a Krispy Kreme stall there but was too full to even have one, so i passed. now i regret the stupid decision cos i won’t find another KK stall again until God only knows when (T_T). the weather was great and Esha enjoyed the short drive (amazingly it only took two hours through Cipularang. guess the headonists had had jam-packed the freeways earlier that day). we got home at 15.30 and my parents glowed to see Esha 🙂

i had a list of places to visit, but the list went “poof” since the schedule went crazy. the only thing got checklisted was… SEBLAK! mwahahaha. love it. have to make a note of this; seblak di BIP lebih mantap pedesnya daripada yang di Grobag Bandoeng. cengek hejooo ada biji-biji cabenya pula. slurp! mantap buat bikin usus bolong-bolong.

Esha’s birthday went well except for the birthday girl 😦 she hated the crowd and cried everytime people tried to touch or hold her. i noticed that she was just like me; it takes hours to boil her up and patience to get up close and personal with her. oh well, she ended up fallen asleep without blowing the candle leave alone cutting the cake. but she had fun when most of the big guys had gone and she could wrapped off the gifts without onlookers. she got lots of gift and i got to think of how to jam them in the luggage :p

we returned by train. car number four, seat number 1C and 1D. it was the second time for Esha to ride on a night express. the first didn’t go well; she couldn’t sleep and her dad was so scared the ride would stress he too much. thank God the second went okay; she slept through the night and enjoyed the morning (got a little bored in the end, but not for too long).

over all, we had good times in such a short visit. definitely looking forward for the next one, though -strangely- i have lost the feeling of great longing of home… hopefully it’s just lurking in the back of mind waiting for the right time to resurrect.


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