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we bought a lot of DVD’s for the last two weeks. and i mean a freaking lot! but well, everyone gets whet they deserve in the end that i cluelessly picked up five films from the counter table, without asking for approval of quality from the seller whatsoever, and they turned out to be craps. poorly tapped from poor theatres (trust me, i know some bootlegs which steal directly from the theatres’ screens and yet are very clear you can’t tell they’re tapped until someone stands up and walks toward you to take a leak) and these five are total craps and naturally total waste of money too. murderers deserve a shot in the head, piracy supporters deserve to be conned and stolen from. an eye for an eye, mate. but well, the rest are great. got to enjoy Inglourious Basterds and guess i’m so much into Tarantino’s movies.

it was Christmas yesterday. i don’t celebrate it but can’t help to enjoy the carols. the ones in jazz versions are very soothing. my favorite is “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”. it’s so good i want to sink into the floor. it makes me think if soft layer of snow and people getting together with their families at home drinking hot chocolate, the world is in peace and everybody reconciles with their hatred and smiles. so warm and peaceful. my uneasy conscience thinks i’m a traitor, though, for enjoying christmas carol. oh well, it’s still a good song.

my hair is a circus. will cut it tomorrow.


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