i want to capture the world!

i get to wonder sometimes; if i had had digital camera since i was still in the elementary school, how HUGE my harddisk would be now? and i would sure be the happiest girl in the world to have the details of her life kept in pictures. would that be fun? or probably some things are just meant to be left behind and come and go as a blurry vision in mind.

i can’t remember exactly when i started taking pictures. of course it started with an analog (Two Lens Reflex, is it?) i have so many undeveloped films in my drawer and remember it so well when i found out that they could come with sephia tone or black-and-white, and thought that Kodak’s disposable camera was way cool. well, the pictures i took were mostly out of focus or poorly composed. the only image editor i knew was Adobe Photoshop 5.5 (to look back, it was actually fun to scan and edit πŸ˜€ but kind of inconvenient 😐 )

then i held the real digital camera for the first time in my life in 2004. it was my cousin’s Sony E2100. i borrowed it to take silly snapshots that turned out introducing me to the thrill. it was great to be able to instantly see what i shot and transfer them without having to rush to a lab and wait for days to get them developed. i just had to have one of it. so there i was, having encounters with Kodak Easyshare and BenQ DC C520. i took pictures of everything. everything! the sky, the sunrise, sunset, leaves, trees, my shoes, my pin-ups, my books, just everything in sight. but sadly, i lost most of my first digital pictures :(( and i lost the important ones. i still try to remember really, really hard where i’ve stored them. they’re digital, can’t be gone that far. but where? aaaaaarrggh!

okay, breathe…

well i actually shoot with any kinds of camera. anything with a button and a shutter. mwahahaha. so i also caught things with my cellphone and webcam. i’m now armed with a Nikon Coolpix L19, and i think i’m going to be with her for quite a while. and if i get a good chance to save some coins, i’m going to take a LOMO home.

i’m always in it for pocket cameras. though DSLR gets me curious, but i’m an ordinary pocket girl in and out πŸ˜€ like every good photographer says; it’s the person behind the camera that actually really matters. cheers to photography!

one fine day with my hubby

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