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oh, the drum bass!

what i currently have on my playlist are the songs from The Sundays’ Static And Silence, Pizzicato Five’s Pizzicatomania, and Saint Etienne’s Tiger Bay. with all the drum bass and disco, my head hurts. not because of the beats, but these dang headphones. they’re so tight it feels like they’re planted into my head. no choice, cos my most comfortable earphones are history after my daughter dismembered them ๐Ÿ˜€

i remember the days when i listened to lots of Japanese groups; including Buffalo Daughter and Cibo Matto. can’t really remember why, but honestly not because i was studying their language and culture. i believe i got introduced to Cibo Matto through Miho Hatori, its vocalist, after i met her in the form of Noodle from Gorillaz. as for the Daughter, my memory fails me. but i remember how soothing their music were.
the days were so good and carefree that P5 could make me do nothing but dance.
and now they’re trying to turn me inside out.

“… a shower of oh-so-groovy trances and uptempo beats–an electronic vaudeville show that’s

magically delicious.” that’s what John Elsasser from Magnet said about Pizzicato Five. they’re superstars and a group of bizarre people ๐Ÿ˜€ i can imagine them wearing sunglasses and drinking cocktail while composing the songs and Maki might be dancing around every now and then.
oh the drum bass goes ‘dum! dum!’ in my head. i’d better take the headphones off now or else…

my baby’s still asleep, so let’s just repeat Let’s Go Away For A While while the loudspeakers are on.


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