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shut up and eat!

It’s one in the morning and I’m still wide awake. Miho Hatori is screaming around and slapping me with good feeling. Listening to Cibo Matto makes me smile a lot; despite of their madness and absurd selves. It’s hard not to love them (thought maybe listening to a Japanese girl rapping is not too easy to the ears).

If you, then, feel like trying to get to know them, start with the light numbers first. You might want to save ‘Viva La Women!’ for last and listen to ‘Stereo Type A’ first. My favorites are Moonchild, Aguas De Marco (yes, the very same bossa nova you might ever heard from Astrud Gilberto), Flowers, and King of Silence.

They’re probably the first Japanese group who use full English in their songs I ever heard. Miho’s broken English even sounds good; much like a foreign little girl’s. They are genuine suburban beauties.

Well, dear Miho and Yuka, you both are crazy and I adore you both in account of that.


4 thoughts on “shut up and eat!

  1. are you sure? because if you did type ‘cibo matto’, the result should be more than 491.000 and the top results will tell you who they are.

    try wikipedia. it’s brilliant.

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