the universe and you

i remember the night when i called you for the last time. it felt like a billion years ago yet still so clear in my mind.

i said, “i don’t know why dialed your number. but i’m glad i did. you sound like you’re here.”

you said, “that’s why i’m so scared to look aside.”

“why?” i asked.

“because you sound so close but i know if i look aside you won’t be there next to me.”

did you know it felt like a sugar-coated knife? and i can’t remember how you sound anymore, but everything about you keeps coming back to me. i like to think that i really did make you fall though i know so well you do make every girl feels that way. and yet, you always tell me it was me who bailed out and didn’t believe in love. i had to sort out my priority and, know this, i’m glad i chose what i chose.

you sneak into my mind every now and then, that’s fine. i know i do the same thing to you too. and we both know; what we can’t own is always good to keep. secretly.


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