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movie of the month

meant to write the same post last month but didn’t have a chance to. i’m gonna write about it later. guess i’m gonna start doing this in regular basis. and this month’s goes to

Fish Tank (2009)

i always love films that go to festivals for the reason that they tell good stories, reveal beautiful cinematography, and aren’t afraid to be idealist. Fish Tank won a lot of awards including British Independent Film Award, Chicago International Film Festival, and Edinburgh International Film Festival. looking at the front cover you’d be amazed with so many stars posted and probably couldn’t wait to watch.

it’s about a fifteen-year-old girl named Mia who’s in constant war with her family and surrounding. she’s also excluded from school and wanted by social department to be put in a progressive school. her only outlet of emotion is street dance which she secretly performs in a deserted flat. her life is so bleak until she meets her mother’s new boyfriend, Connor. he’s such a charming family-man who instantly steals Mia’s attention and heart.

Fish Tank is seriously good and moving. it made my heart stopped and skipped a beat constantly. the kind of feeling like what Mia feels about Connor always melts me. the way a girl falls for a man quietly and drowns secretly in his heartbeat, breath and the smell of his eau de toilette… the kind of feeling that makes a girl walk across town just to meet him and go and be a detective to find out things about him behind his back… somewhere around love, admiration, passion, longing…

Katie Jarvis (Mia) and Michael Fassbender (Connor) play emotionally great in it and it’s such a treat for the ears to listen to the conversation in such thick suburban English accent and lots of hip hop and R&B music all the way. i love Mia’s strength and independence, like the world can’t move her if she doesn’t allow it to. and, of course, because she’s not a typical common girl. love the way she dresses! Connor kills me because he is super charming! i might understand what Mia feels. he’s so good to be with. so comforting and nice. i’ve seen Fassbender in Hunger, 300, and Inglorious Basterds, but none of the characters he plays in them kill me. not until he becomes Connor. dammit.

personally, i love this movie because i can “understand” it.


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