a military mom :p

everything should go in order.
everything should be done on time.
no waiting, no time wasting, no whining.
if you want something, say it; because i don’t speak whine language.
wash your hands after playing.
don’t climb up to bed before bedtime routine.
don’t -ever- have your snack on the bed.
don’t mess with a tidy bed.
no snack before meals.
don’t spill.
don’t play with the straw when you drink.
sit still when you have your meal.
keep your PJ’s clean before bed.
no TV after 9 PM.
finish your milk.

blah blah blah…

she probably thinks: “my mom needs to soak her head in the water.”

trust me. it drives me crazy too. but i just can’t help it. many, many times i tried to be more laid-back and not to sweat small things, but it didn’t work. cookie crumbles made me want to explode and messy bed killed me. and just unconsciously i turned myself into a monster in the house. well… a mixture of a monster and a bitch. perfecto!

one thing for sure; i don’t want my daughter to take the tense after me.
i should learn to go slow and lay-back.
don’t sweat the small stuff.

– meditate –


2 thoughts on “a military mom :p

    1. ahahaha… lain biwir nu ateul. tapi jiwa :p

      when younger, i used to think my mom needed to loosen up a bit, and now -hey!- i know exactly why she was like that 😀

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