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have you tried Jango?

i like free stuff. free good stuff. free good legal stuff. yeah.

this far, is the nicest and most convenient online music station. it recommends similar music and plays the whole songs full track (but sadly they have no Orange Pekoe in the database 😦 ) listening and enjoying music is soooo much easier and fun with it. if you’re there, befriend me and share your stations. if you’re not there yet, go go go and get there.

and this evening i got introduced to The Bird And The Bee. i fell in love instantly. was lurking with She And Him when this duet from Los Angeles popped into the playlist. Polite Dance Song just melted me. love ’em!

who are The Bird And The Bee in brief?

The duet consists of Inara George (the bird, born July 4, 1974) and Greg Kurstin (the bee) who met a few years ago and united by their love of jazz standards. But their music grow strong indie pop, synthpop, and indie rock later on. Their first released record was an EP Again and Again and Again and Again under The Blue Note Records in 2006.

guess i’m gonna hunt more of them down tonight and back with more hysteria 😀


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