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my ‘365 Days’ begins

finally, i made up my mind and decided to take the challenge: self-portrait. it’s supposed to be fun and not threatening at all since it doesn’t mean i have to blatantly in the pictures. what’s important in the theme is the person, the self. parts of me, clearly, should be in the shots. i was thinking and plotting lots of macros, but we’ll see.

day one: done.

i upload the project here at my facebook profile and here at my flickr.

i also made a mental note for myself about the rules:

  1. no cheating. a picture a day, and that’s it. the meta data and upload date should be the same.
  2. no matter how many shots i take in a day for the purpose of this project should be singled out by the end of the day and the rest should be deleted permanently.
  3. no repeated shots.
  4. i should be the only person both behind and in front of the camera. timer and tripod are fine. but asking other people to shoot me will not be counted.

well, that’s all i can think of so far 😀 but, yes seriously, this is a good project for anyone who loves taking pictures. it’s a good way to explore the techniques, creativity, imagination… and i’m sure by the end of the project anyone who’s up for this challenge will be a better photographer cause they’re forced to learn everyday. imagine taking 365 various shots! think of the possibilities.

just wish me luck as hard as i wish myself for it and please let me know when you have your own project to share 🙂


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