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free fun photo editors!

after starting my ‘365 Days’, i came across some photo editor softwares which i’m sure everyone would love just as much as i do with them. i used to always use Photoshop to edit my snapshots. it has it all. but, sometimes, i just wanted something quick, something instant, and doing a-photo-a-day finally made me look for simpler editors. here what i found:

  1. Poladroid. if you’re a polaroid fan without a polaroid camera, then this might help you to feel like you have one

    😀 it works well on PC, but not on Mac. a very cute program that shows a tiny polaroid camera on the upper left of your screen with drag-and-drop system and all the ‘click’ and ‘ding’ sound effects. it looks simple but actually uses up quite a good portion of the memory and not really customizable. it’s just cute.

  2. Photoscape. this has become my new favorite 🙂 love the filters and frames. also it serves good basic editing in

    very simple ways that i’m sure anyone who’s just started doing photo editing could end up with excellent result using this program. what’s good is it’s amazingly and legally free!!

  3. Toycamera Analogcolor. i always love analog cameras. love to see how the pictures come up and try out
    Toycamera Analogcolor

    different kinds of films. always want to try toycameras, but haven’t got a chance to try the real one. so i found myself downloading this software to taste the coloring. it turned out great. but i -honestly- not a big fan of the watermark they put on all of the saved files. mwahahaha… but it’s really arts and crafts in an instant way. you should love it.

you might have heard of Picasa too. i’m sure you’ve heard it since long time ago 😀 also there’s CameraBag, but it doesn’t come free 😦

have fun editing snapshooting and editing! 🙂


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