why you?

you invited me in my dream. you said, “come meet my mom. she’ll treat you kind.” and you lived in a dungeon. a very cozy dungeon. with all the oldish furnitures and wooden floor.

you had a different mom. she was a plump lady wearing a floral-printed dress who stood by the voyeur and told me to help myself around the house. where were you? nowhere to be found. guess you were running about on the street wearing those khakis chasing the girl of your dream.

what a dream.

and i noticed your telescope in the living room. throbbing through the ceiling. and there was even no ceiling at all. just an open night sky. then i got too excited, trying to find my star, that i broke it. broke it in half. you were nowhere to know i’d done it and i could have just ran away. but instead i tried to fix it. tried so hard i fell asleep on the stairs.

and woke up in my bed.


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