to stand against destiny

life is a super long chain reaction. a massive domino effect. one thing leads to another. an action triggers the next. no way to go back leave alone to fix. keep your typo and just keep going. unless you’re a scientist, it’s a waste asking why. some things are just meant to be (to happen without a deep and long analysis). but i guess it’s a human nature to give it a hard time letting go.

why do lovers break up? why do some husbands and wives covet their neighbors’ spouses? why do people fall in love with the wrong ones? why do people have to spend so many years with someone who only ends up hurting them? why do some people lose their common sense for love?

leave the questions alone. just live the going-on moments and you’ll be fine. but, of course, looking back to pave a better future is always a good idea. as long as clinging-on is off of the way.

you can’t rewrite your destiny. it’s not your right. you can wish for a change, try to work harder for it. but it’s never your role to judge whether you’re worth it or not. your birth, death, and marriage certificates all come with the first heartbeat you get in your mother’s womb. all stamped and signed. there. you may go and wonder why you are with the person you are with or why your heart goes inside out within hours. there are secrets in life you just can’t reveal no matter what.

you might be hurting by now. or being the one who spreads the pain. then you might wonder why you’re living hell or why you turn into an evil and blah blah blah… just keep going. remember it’s written in your book. take it as a reminder to be better. no matter how awful the destiny is, i believe nobody is meant to be a bad person. it’s just that some people don’t hear the alarm then just give in to the stream.

in the end everyone only will reap what they sow. how does that sound?


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