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my life, these days

my 365 days are on the three digits already and flickr has been telling me to go pro since my storage almost reaches 200 items. like i’m going to upgrade. so, yeah, i will just keep going and let only the latest two hundreds show up. done many double uploads but -phew!- almost never took double shots a day. the ideas start taking a walk and sometimes i wish i could just bail from it. but i’m not a quitter. at least not on this one. should start exploring again.

haven’t been reading a new book for a while. only re-reading old books and old diaries. find out that my life was uneasy but i wrote much more then. funny how comfort withers the drive to write. well i guess some people’s creativity are generated by troubled hearts. i miss the feeling but dare not to give it a wake-up call. why would i? married women are supposed to stay still and not rock the bowl of water she holds (really?) probably that’s why i channel it through others’ writings. because now i have guts only as much as an audience.

a predictable happy life could be colorless sometimes.

the boy i used to die-for is getting married. which is a great news. it’s about time he ties the knot. would be great to see him taken care of and gaining some good weight. wish him a long happy life.

been watching so many DVD‘s lately. found One Hour Photo too! Mary and Max, Youth In Revolt, and Cemetery Junction go into my good-movie book.

weekends are always good. always. spending two precious days with my girl and husband is a sanctuary. loved ones to hug, kiss, laugh with… i’m happy and that’s it.

well, somebody, jolt me. it’s too painfully good here.


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