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a note on my 365 (#1)

it will be the 138th day today. i’ve cheated two times (uploaded a non self-portrait once, and took two shots in a day once) and skipped a day because i was too ill to pose leave alone to set the timer.

i got stuck, naturally, many many times. going through the pictures, i found out that the more shots taken, the less color came on. early in the project i captured red, blue, yellow… but then the colors started to fade entering the 90’s. also the frames begun to tighten and the ‘self’ went up, close, and personal. sometimes they turned out good, sometimes depressing -in my mind. i really need to go out and take pictures without me in them. this is where i joined DPS (Digital Photography School). it’s brilliant and free! they hand out ‘photography assignments’ to help the students practice, explore, and go out of their shells and find new ideas. then they will gather the pictures around for a discussion. love it! DPS has great forums for everybody who loves photography, starting from getting to know the gear up to how-to’s. capturing smokes, rainbow, ray of light, bokeh… just about everything! well, almost everybody there holds DSLR, but that doesn’t mean pocket-crazes can’t go to classes. the lessons are pretty flexible some of them can be applied to analogs too. go and give the school a try.

228 more shots to go, 228 more chances to learn 😉


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