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Baby, I’m the lucky one*

“how does it feel to be married?” once my friend asked. she’s going to be married next year. “good.” was all i said to reply. it is indeed that simple and true.

people say the first five years of marriage would be the hardest. but, why? it’s almost four years now and i dare to say i’m a very happy wife. yes, there were times where i turned into a horrible bitch in the house and accused him of being insensitive and selfish and all. but we never had an argument. never had a major fight. he never lets me get carried away with my emotion. almost four years and he’s always been so patient.

some people list down too many perimeters when they decide to look for a life partner. but, don’t they know, marriage changes people. the person they marry will probably not be the person they used to date. so why not let things come as they are and the heart play its role with a little help from the head? everything will be just fine. just play along. learn as you do. believe in your heart. really.

i’m so lucky not to be married to a man who turns out to be a drunk and/or a player or a schizo or a man who hits his wife when the temper rises. so lucky to be married to an amazing family man who’s also a best friend. we’re so much alike yet as different as night and day. i can read him like an open book though he can never see me through. we both love to read, but we don’t go to the same shelf in a bookstore. he loves tea while i’m mad about coffee. we can talk about photography for hours, but we frame things differently. we love staying home for the weekends and watch movies ’till we can’t fight the sleepyheads, but he hunts for box offices while i quietly look for movies from independent festivals.

when we get upset about each other, we don’t yell. we stop talking. but an hour later, one of us will send a text message to the other then we would spend the day talking through the texts to end up kissing ’till we fall asleep. when i got sick, he would take over all of my jobs at home and took the day off from work. then he would make me a pan of soup, some cups of ginger tea, and let me rest in bed through the day while he takes care of our baby girl. he almost never complains about his days at the office while i know how early he should leave for work and sometimes gets home pretty late because of the traffic jams. he puts his family first. he would let our girl and i choose before he does.

God, thank you for matchmaking me with this amazing man.

and, of course, *Amy Grant would tell it all in a perfect line:

You’re the kind, when you love you love with all your might.

yea, baby. I’m the lucky one :*


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