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Inception (2010)

Just got the chance to watch the movie today. It’s just… brilliant! In case you haven’t seen it, imagine a crazy mix of  Nightmare On Elm Street and Mission Impossible. Sounds absurd, probably, but the facts that they unravel in the story just keep making sense to me (and I’m sure to everyone who ever dreamed, too.)

Inception, the Movie
Inception, the Movie


Dom Cobb is an extractor. In a simpler term, a thief. What makes him special is that he steals people’s deepest secrets through their subconscious state. Through their dreams, where minds are at the most vulnerable state. It is after he goes down for a business with Saito, a Japanese billionaire, that he gets a job to do the inception. Which means, rather than “stealing” a thing from a dream, he has to “plant” a seed of idea to grow in. Cobb, then, assembles a dream team to help him finish the order. Here is where the amazing experience begins.

I can’t remember watching Leonardo DiCaprio in a movie that doesn’t awe me. Started with What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, then Romeo and Juliet, Gangs Of New York, Titanic, Catch Me If You Can, The Beach, Blood Diamond, Shutter Island, and now… this. Am never too crazy about him, but do love the movies he plays in.

not sure how this has got anything to do with things i experienced these days, the strange dreams, but the movie makes me think of the possibility if someone actually “shared” my dreams. manipulated them. but, then, what for? the dreams weren’t even half bad. i even liked the familiar faces i met in them 🙂

Dreams feel real while we’re in them. It’s only when we wake up that we realize something was actually strange.

– Dom Cobb –


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