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a-post-a-day challenge

if, this far, i’ve been able to take a photo a day for my 365 Days Project, then i’m sure i’ll be good for a post a day too. yes, i’m stepping up for a WordPress challenge to write more. it won’t be as easy as snapshooting, i’m sure, but nobody knows how a thing would turn out if a start is not done. thanks to DailyPost there will be a good writing guide throughout the 2011.

wish me luck.

and, bloggers, you should go for it too 🙂

P.S. i have another similar project for my daughter that i’ll probably post on tumblr. will update this news soon 😀


One thought on “a-post-a-day challenge

  1. I have made a goal of postaday2011 and thank you for your comment.
    I started a new blog two days ago and am trying to add a poll to it,

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