just another Saturday

no need to get loud. or crazy. January 1 is just another Saturday. why making it a big deal? and December 31 is merely a Friday night. am sure it will be quite a hell for the workers coming home this evening. everybody goes hustle and bustle and jamming the streets with their vehicles. and i will be home, safe and sound, with a cup of coffee and a pile of DVD’s.

but i do think that there’s a border there around the twelve AM. like another chance to do a clean start. like start doing the counting allover again. well of course it doesn’t need to be January 1. it could be May 5 or September 13 or any other day around the year. but to hit the timer right at twelve AM on 0101 should make it easier to mark.

i won’t call it resolution. i call it plans (notice the difference? :p) will finish my 365-Days Project for sure, do a thorough health general check-up if having a baby seems like a good go, preparing my daughter for a new school, go back to size 28 with my jeans (unless, of course, i conceive in the near future), discipline and manage myself to be a better parent, find a useful outlet for my photowork and writing, polish my nails, saving for a good family trip… guess i’d better jolt them down before they get away as ideas only.

enjoy your last Friday in 2010 🙂


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