my postaday’s first post

DailyPost suggested ‘three countries you want to visit and why’ for the first topic. pros and cons came rolling in, naturally. some said it was a good topic and the other said setting topic is a very awkward thing to do for such a mass of bloggers. i agree with both.

topic guiding is good for them who face a giant writer’s block, have just started writing, or feel like jumping into the same pool with many other people to -then- share thoughts and experiences. sounds like fun to me. but to them who -probably- have been writing for quite a while, this idea may sound silly and become totally a no-go. how would a veteran writer gives up his idealism and fall for a topic everyone else is writing about? whatever it is, DailyPost is being very generous for promising a whole year of guidance to help the postaday2011 or postaweek2011 participants feel like accompanied and constantly cheered to finish the project until the end of 2011.

as for me, i’m very much a flexible writer :)) oh yes, of course, i can be very idealist sometimes but always love trying things out. huh, yeah, guess i have no firm legs 😀 what matters the most is i like what i write. that’s all.

so, for the next 364 days, i will just let my fingers fetch the storming ideas from my mind. books i read, movies i watch, things i eat, how i feel, my dreams, how my day goes, in English, Bahasa Indonesia, Javanese, Sundanese… grab it! grab anything in sight! :))

am too full of excitement now. better go to bed.

day one of 365


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