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my (not so) mundane monday

moms have no day-offs. it’s a beautiful fact. also to me who should’ve finished the laundry, ironing, dusting, bedsheet change, and bathroom cleaning by the end of last weekend. but none of them are done up to the time this post is written. hooray! of course a weekend with a mixture of new year hullabaloo and last days of school semester break could be very insane. family gathering, short trips, cooking frenzy, et cetera et cetera… no time for the real household chores.

so i gave up. sent a huge laundry bag to cuci kiloan, let my girl’s clean clothes pile up unironed, braced up to sleep on a dirty bedsheet and use the dirty bathroom until tomorrow. i’m too spent. forgive me, my dear family. then when i was about to entertain myself with a new book i found yesterday, a friend of mine told me that it’s a work of a copy cat. double hooray. will try to finish the darn book, though.

thank God i have my daughter, my hubby, Sa’ Unine, Diana Krall, cups of coffee, my dear camera, and Toshi -my notebook. life is never really bad afterall if you know how to get the best of it even on the shittiest day.

time to recharge my energy. have a loaded day tomorrow.

have a good rest, you 😉

day three of 365


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