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my life and hard times (1933), james thurber

What I like about bundled essays and/or short stories is that I could read a writing at a time. That usually gives me a good chance to read two books at the same time. So I got really thrilled to find this Bantam Classic (published as one in 1961) some weeks ago on Jalan Semarang.

my life and hard times gets together nine stories written by James Thurber

the book cover

about the daily life in his youth along with illustrations he drew himself. Not just an ordinary daily, though (that’s why it says ‘hard times’). The title may sound gloomy, but -knowing that Thurber was a great humorist- it turns out to be a hilarious, cynical book. Out of nine stories he tells various topics from some midnight uproars in his house (The Night the Bed Fell, The Night the Ghost Got In, Draft Board Nights) up to the WTF days in the university (University Days). I couldn’t stop laughing.

James Grover Thurber was born in Columbus, Ohio on December 8, 1894. His family had been his greatest inspiration until later he got well known as an American author, cartoonist, and a contributor to The New Yorker magazine. He passed away on November 2, 1961 in New York, New York.

His writing style reminds me of  Chuck Palahniuk‘s and A. S. Laksana‘s. Funny, real, yet cynical and could be such a bitchslap to some people. Really my kinda thing 😀

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