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05.01.11, what a wednesday

i still stare at the old calendar when i need to get the right date, and stare at it for quite a while until the confusion hits me and makes me check on the month to find out that it’s december 2010. glodaaakk! really need to get a new calendar.

today’s probably the lowest point since the beginning of 2011. both my precious ones are sick and my favorite cup is broken. but as i’m writing this, they’re getting better and i’ve gotten over the cup.

was thinking to write a lot, but i’ve gone through a lot today and that makes me feel like i need to shut this notebook sooner and jump into bed earlier or i will be, God forbid, the last to catch the germs.

oh, i watched M. Night Shyamalan’s Devil (2010) this afternoon and it’s okay. though it’s not that creepy and twisted. it’s more like a detective challenge to me. quite interesting, but not to watch twice.


day five of 365


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