a note on my 365 (#2)

doing a 365 project (three, now :p) makes me learn a lot of things from every kind of people from around the world. after a while it actually feels good to get to know what everybody else is doing everyday. almost like sneaking up into their bedrooms and read the diaries. it’s snowing somewhere, someone is running deep into a forest for a good scenery somewhere, a girl is feeling blue and dying her hair red somewhere… and my favorite part is when they use a wide angle to show the world how their rooms look like. some of them are amazing they don’t need to go out of them the whole year for daily shots. hm, yeah i was exaggerating :p but, really, i love views of rooms.

something else, though, i hate it when people drop comments just so i get back to them and comment back or, even better, start following them. wtf? i would appreciate it better if they swing by with personalized comments based on what they see or read, instead of just saying ‘nice!’ ‘cool!’ ‘love it!’ with a little spice of ‘check out mine if you like.’ or, even worse, using a template to comment on every possible spot without a single word connected whatsoever to the post. double wtf.


day seven of 365


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