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you may not be perfect, but i love you

before i started my 365 photos, nikon coolpix L19 was a very satisfying gear to me. but the more i experiment with photography, the more limitations i find in her (the coolpix, it is). she’s brilliant when the lighting is decent, and the macro feature has never been a disappointment. but for an indoor work, she gasps for air most of the time.

Nikon Coolpix L19
Nikon Coolpix L19

in the high ISO condition, the noise goes crazy. and i hate using its preset scenes (although the ‘fireworks show’ is quite amusing) and flash is really not my expertise. i take pictures mostly between 2PM – 4PM, when the weather is unpredictable. sometimes when the sky is clear and the light illuminates my room quite well, the result can be very good. but as it rains or cloudy, setting up white balance is a hard work. my favorites are cloudy and tungsten, they work well with both natural light and cheap lamps -_-” the rest is a pain.

also, since it’s an autofocus piece of  work, it finds object as it likes. doing a macro shoot can break a neck and cramp the arms since it takes a while to get the right focus. then, it’s impossible to make bokeh with this baby. leave alone to set up a point on the eyes or ends of hair, for example.

then, when i need to get a long exposure for a self portrait, it won’t work. unless the range is arm-length. why? because for the purpose, when using L19, one needs to turn to the ‘fireworks show’ scene and the shutter opening can only be set up manually, which means the button must be pushed until the desired time is covered. with an auto timer, it’s totally a disaster.

last -for the time being- the lens is the lens. take it or leave it. she uses Nikkor 3.6x zoom lens. forget borrowing your friends’ cooler lens to try and adapt on her. the annoying thing is, when trying to capture a straight line, the result will go slightly fish-eyed. both ends of the line will curve.

but, after all that i’ve mentioned above, she’s been working her ass off to meet my insane need of documentation and photography. (accidentally) dropped her several times but she still works really good. she’s done helped me making beautiful shots too (with a little help from image editors). after thousands of snapshots and going around in extreme conditions, she still does the best she can. though i’m still looking for a better partner, thanks a lot baby :*

day ten of 365


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