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Friday, I’m in love

it’s not necessarily on Friday, but today was indeed fun! had a date with my daughter 🙂 used to say i would get rid of the unused shots i made for the 365 purpose, but lately i got to like more than one picture that i took and it would be such a loss to delete them. so guess i would just keep and show them anyway :D.

that’s me on the entrance to a tunnel in a playground. my daughter was having so much fun on her own and i was bored of waiting (remember to bring a book next time!). so there i was, snapshooting myself away.

then, i knocked myself out with a cheeseburger. oh, it tasted sooo good. guess it had been ages since the last time i let myself eat a real cheeseburger. yum!


then, the afternoon sun really made me high. it was warm, softly yellowish, and made beautiful lens flare. i spent a while in the balcony, immersing myself in the rays… God, i love afternoon sun.

guess it’s time for my hair to get some trimming -_-”

day fourteen of 365


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