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Saturdays are (most of the time) cooking-free days :D

not sure if this applies to most moms/wives, but i don’t cook on weekends. except if one (or all) of us need(s) a special treatment with the diet. my husband and i would usually have fried duck or nasi padang or chicken noodle while my daughter picks buttered rice and chicken nuggets. the kitchen stays clean on weekends except if we have a family gathering with a cooking frenzy follows.

my daughter had a fried-rice-decorating event at school today, so i made bbq fried rice for her and for our breakfast altogether. for lunch we had nasi padang (and it wasn’t as hot as usual due to the sky-rocketing chilli price -_-“) and Esha had chicken sticks.

the picture was what we had for this evening. if you ever visit Sidoarjo one day, try the gorengan (fried snack like fried tempeh, tahu, banana, sweet potato, etc) at Jalan Aryo Bebangah. they’re orgasmic! i love the tahu and tempeh verrrry much. then, on the right, are satays. chicken and lamb. then i’m having a cup of coffee now and a feeling that soon i’m gonna go downstairs to pop some corn for our midnight DVD’s routine 😀

Alhamdulillah. i can never thank God enough for all the blessings and convenience i’ve been given. hope your saturday went great as well 🙂


day fifteen of 365


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