a Sunday evening in the border

it’s not really my thing, going out on a Sunday night. the thought that Monday would be the next day somehow makes me feel like i have a curfew. Saturday night is great since we can go home really late, then go to bed really late too, and don’t need to worry about getting up late the next morning since it’s Sunday. but i always love going out with my family.

the sun was on the verge of setting and the greyish violet tint started to envelop the border of Surabaya-Sidoarjo. i really wanted to stop and take pictures, but that would be a waste of time. so i snapshot things while going on bumpy roads. to a mall we went. glad i live in a town where the traffic isn’t a horrorshow. even on the weekends. and this particular mall we frequently visit is only 10 minutes ride from home. how convenient!

we didn’t do much. just a little walk, then dinner, then rubik’s cubes for Esha… look at the french fries. look at the color. but they’re darn good! cheesy with mayo and hot sauce. glad my daughter doesn’t like them :p

on our way home, i -again- did some snapshooting. the results are ridiculous. long exposure + bumpy road = abstract.


day sixteen of 365


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