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Portrait Professional 9 (the trial version)

The first two words for this software are: amazingly good!

It was only last night that I finally tried to download the trial version at its official website. Eight megabytes for almost the whole of the main features. It only took me five minutes to retouch a portrait and the final result really dropped my jaw. I thought it looked like I’d just had a face lift! Mwahahahaha. Seriously! The software did a very neat facial correction. Skin tone, blemishes and wrinkles, lighting, face lines, even eye color and hair shine… What’s more to it is that it’s very, very easy to use. I believe even someone who’s using this as their first image editor can finish their work less than fifteen minutes and will love the result. The steps and guidance throughout the trial are very clear.

You can’t save the result using the trial version, though. And there’s a huge TRIAL word across the forehead that you can’t cheat on it using the screen capture. Ahahaha. $39.95 for the whole package, or try the Studio 64 edition for the available Photoshop plug-in. Good for both PC and Mac.

Though this software actually really freaks me out, but I think it will come very handy for them who work on people potraiture (or probably their own) and bet most people will love it. Nobody needs to fear of looking awful in photos when they know what Portrait Professional can do 😉


day nineteen of 365


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