the leftovers and a book

i got too ecstatic with the stars that it took me too many shots for yesterday’s picture. well, they aren’t super anyway. but i love them! (of course -_-“) the paper stars are still sticking on our bedroom’s wall until now. maybe we should consider starry paperwall to call it permanent.

life in my hand

and this is the leftover from two days ago. the Rubik’s Cube belongs to my daughter. ahaha, no, she doesn’t know how to play it although she gets the idea that the same color must go to the same side. she also has the snake version. and, no, i’m not good at it. though i got introduced to it since i was just seven years old. not enough brain capacity and patience, that’s why.

Virgins Of Paradise


then, my husband’s office mate lends me this saga book this evening. am so excited! especially after i got to read some reviews last night. let’s see how much time i will need to finish this 572-pages-thick book.

time to turn the notebook off, brush my teeth, then jump to bed with the book. have a good night, everyone!


day twenty of 365

2 thoughts on “the leftovers and a book

    1. i think i’m loving it already! πŸ™‚ have only read the first part of chapter one and engaged so far. can’t wait to find out what’s on the next part. thanks for sharing, mbak Dhien πŸ™‚

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